Lux Prints

50 editions of my most recent Tree Drawing are available are available to purchase for a short time. The edition is called ‘Lux’, it is a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper, 41x61cm.

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Flush Series- Flower Paintings to be shown at The House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, Soho


Francesca Lowe’s new paintings, from the series titled ‘Flush’ have just been installed at
The House of St, Barnabas, 1, Greek Street, London W1D 4NQ 0207-437-1894

for opening hours: or call Riflemaker: 07794-629-188

FRANCESCA LOWE: ‘Flower Paintings’ (2014)

This new series of paintings by London-born Francesca Lowe developed through the artist thinking about the term “still life” – the words “still” and “life” and the polarity between them. The paintings explore ways to infect stillness with life and life with stillness.

Visually, a ‘cut’ bloom, a ‘still’ photograph, a floral ‘motif’ (quiet, truncated elements) and applied layers of pattern operating at different physical depths within each painting, create visual oscillations. Some aspects of the images and patterns are familiar (sampled from Op art, wallpaper, clip art, curtains; ‘pop culture’ references). This familiarity lends itself to the very idea of stillness, perhaps due to its relation to known-ness. The loop of ‘known-ness’ or ‘what we are used to’ disrupted, turned unfamiliar and then lost is what Lowe appears to be interested in depicting as it echoes the ebb and flow of “life” itself.

INVITE 1st April 2014
INVITE 1st April 2014


Exhale, oil on canvas, 61.5 x 56 cm 2013
Exhale, oil on canvas, 61.5 x 56 cm 2013
Light Hereafter, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
Light Hereafter, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Skeleton' oil on canvas 71.5 x 56 cm 2013
‘Skeleton’, oil on canvas, 71.5 x 56 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Paste', oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Paste’, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca, 'Return',oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Return’,oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Ghost', oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Ghost’, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Remnant', oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Remnant’, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Route', oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Route’, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
LOWE Francesca 'Form and Void', oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013
‘Form and Void’, oil on board, 61 x 48.5 cm, 2013

Francesca Lowe, 'White Wilt', oil on canvas, 71.5 x 56 cm, 2013
‘White Wilt’, oil on canvas, 71.5 x 56 cm, 2013

Editions show : Edge of Arabia. 12 Dec 2013 – 8th Feb 2014

EOA Projects is proud to present its first in a series of annual exhibitions dedicated to international fine art printmaking and collage. EDITION #1 brings together over 100 significant works on paper by 35 artists from Europe, America and the Middle East in a border-crossing show hosted at Edge of Arabia’s London Gallery.

Participating Artists:

Partner Galleries:
Ayyam Gallery / CCA Galleries / Dark Matter / EOA.Projects / The Outsiders / Paul Stolper / Riflemaker / Weng Contemporary

Exhibition Runs: 12 December 2013 – 8 February 2014


Book Cuts and Tree Cuts at Riflemaker opening: Monday 9 July 2012 6-9pm

Please Join me for the opening on Monday 9 July 2012, 6-9 pm, at Riflemaker Gallery, 79 Beak street, Soho, London.

click on images below for larger file:


The Wall, 2012. Book Cut from Graffito, by Michael Walsh.
Spiral Scratch, 2012. Book Cut from Storm Raiders 02, by Wing Shing Ma.
Rubric, 2012. Book Cut from Christie’s New York, Photographic works by William Eggleston, March 2012
Odalisque, 2012. Book Cut from Muralismo Morte, The Rebirth of the Mural in Contemporary Urban Art.
Expander, 2012. Book Cut from High Art -A HIstory of the Psychedelic Poster, by Ted Owen.
Era Requiem, 2012. Book cut from Magazine Covers, by David Crowley.
Deliverance, 2012. Book Cut from Christie’s New York, 1st Open Post War and Contemporary, 2012
Corona, 2012. Book Cut from Christie’s New York, Post War, Nov 2001
-otic, 2012. Book Cut from The Modernist by Gestalten.

Love’s Letters

I recently made this Giclee print with glazes:

Giclee print with glazes Edition of 50 750 x 887 mm

Its available to buy through Other Criteria

For this new work, Love’s Letters, Lowe uses a tree to house a number of objects and themes important to her work. The word ‘love’ is suspended amidst the branches and is surrounded by a myriad of birds and reclining and posing sirens. Alongside these fluttering and stretching beings are balancing acrobats amidst explosions from ammunition and artillery fire, which produce a swirling colourful effect.



New Sensations is a prize which aims to discover and support the UK’s most exciting graduates.

The Future Can Wait is an annual exhibition of emerging and established artists run byZavier Ellis and Simon Rumley.

Both annual exhibitions are celebrating their 5th anniversaries this year.

Monday 10 October 2011, 6.30 – 9.30pm

B1, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1  



Madonna's Legacy
oil on linen, 250 x 300 cm, 2010


Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction 2011

On the 27th September a group of 58 artists, myself included, from around the globe come together at Bonhams to raise money for Cancer Support: Macmillan De’Longhi 5th Annual Art Auction

Please join us for a special evening for such a worthy cause. For tickets and information about Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction call 020 7840 4800 or email

Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction

For the past four years Macmillan and De’Longhi have joined forces to host the hugely successful Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction, raising a phenomenal £500,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Tuesday 27 September will see the fifth annual Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction at Bonhams on New Bond Street, London.

There pieces of art from a wide selection of contemporary artists will go under the hammer to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The auction has previously attracted donations from a wide variety of artists including Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Mary McCartney, Gavin Turk and Sam Taylor-Wood, and has raised over £500,000 to help people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

The money raised to date has helped support people affected by cancer through funding services such as information and support centres, phone services, cancer care centres, as well as funding nurses and other specialist health care professionals.

Last year’s event, held at The Avenue, St James’s London in September, was a great success and attracted media coverage in The Independent, The Daily Express, OK! and on, to name a few.


Polemically small

THE FUTURE CAN WAIT presents: Polemically Small

Curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie-Smith, Max Presneill & Simon Rumley

Curatorial Assistants: Jolanda Chandler & Chelsea Garner

Private View
Saturday May 28th

Exhibition Dates
May 29th – June 25th 2011

Torrance Art Museum, 3320 Civic Centre Drive, Torrance, CA 90503,

Museum Hours
Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm


The Torrance Art Museum is proud to announce a monumental exhibition of new British art for Los Angeles BritWeek 2011, organised in association with The Future Can Wait and Edward Lucie-Smith.

Based on the idea that small, today, is often much better than big, this exhibition will be a groundbreaking show of almost 100 British or British based artists. All working on paper and none bigger than A3 in size, it invites viewers to engage with art intimately, and at the same time offers the American public a sweeping overview of the exciting new artistic developments now taking place in Britain.

It will almost certainly be the largest display, in terms both of the number of artists, and also in terms of stylistic variety, of new British and British-based art ever seen in California. This exhibition reflects the do it yourself attitude of the curators, standing against bureaucracy and top down institutionalism, and demonstrates how young artists and committed curators can mount major events in straightened times.


Henny Acloque
Alexander Adams
Dale Adcock
Dominic Allan
Jonathan Baldock
Angela Bartram
Paul Becker
Emma Bennett
Kiera Bennett
Jemima Brown
Juliana Cerqueira Leite
Gordon Cheung
Billy Childish
Oliver Clegg
Sam Dargan
Tom Doran
Heather Eastes
Zavier Ellis
Nadine Feinson
Hester Finch
Grant Foster
Nick Fox
Rose Gibbs
Stuart Gough
Steve Green
Andrea Gregson
David Hancock
Christopher Hanlon
Sarah Hardacre
Andy Harper
Justin Hibbs
Christian Hidaka
Sigrid Holmwood
Paul Hosking
James Howard
Luke Jackson
Sam Jackson
Monica Ursina Jäger
James Jessop
Jasper Joffe
Chris Jones & Vicky Wright
Reece Jones
Claire de Jong
Annie Kevans
Rebecca Kressley
Peter Lamb
Cathy Lomax
Francesca Lowe
Robert Luzar
Joe Machine
Alastair Mackie
Jasmine Maddock
Robin Mason
Rui Matsunaga
Alan McQuillan
Hugh Mendes
Alexis Milne
Jock Mooney
Kieran Moore
Alex Gene Morrison
Jost Münster
Nika Neelova
Gavin Nolan
Margaret O’Brien
Tim Parr
Claire Pestaille
Harry Pye
Danny Rolph
Kim Rugg
Miho Sato
Stuart Semple
Benjamin Senior
Dominic Shepherd
Jamie Shovlin
John Stark
Nessie Stonebridge
Kate Street
Charles Thomson
Erik Tidemann
Gavin Tremlett
James Unsworth
Covadonga Valdes
Alex Virji
Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich
Stephen Walter
Miranda Whall
Hannah Wooll


The Future Can Wait was launched in 2007 by Zavier Ellis and Simon Rumley. Conceived to provide a platform for emerging artists of the highest standard, The Future Can Wait has taken place each year during London’s Frieze week in industrial or historical locations of note. To date the project has focused on London based or educated artists working in all mediums including Gordon Cheung, Alexander Hoda, Sam Jackson, Monica Ursina Jäger, Jasper Joffe, Gavin Nolan, John Stark and Stella Vine and has led to gallery shows in Berlin, Los Angeles, Naples and Rome. The exhibition is privately funded and as a museum scale curated exhibition provides an important and independent alternative to the art fair routine.

Zavier Ellis is the Director of the Shoreditch gallery CHARLIE SMITH london. He is also co-founder of the museum scale show for emerging artists The Future Can Wait and has curated exhibitions internationally including in Berlin, Helsinki, Klaipeda, LA, Naples, Rome and London. Known as an acute talent spotter he has identified and exhibited a number of important young artists from Art College including David Blandy, Oliver Clegg, Tessa Farmer, Sam Jackson, Monica Ursina Jäger, Annie Kevans, Nika Neelova and Douglas White. Zavier is also a practicing artist and has most recently exhibited at Paul Stolper Gallery in London and Museum der Moderne in Salzburg.

Edward Lucie-Smith is an internationally known art critic and historian who is also a curator, a published poet, an anthologist and a practicing photographer. He has published more than one hundred books in all, chiefly but not exclusively about contemporary art. Edward is generally regarded as the most prolific and the most widely published writer on art in the UK. A number of his art books, among them Movements in Art since 1945; Visual Arts of the 20th Century; A Dictionary of Art Terms and Art Today are used as standard texts throughout the world.

Max Presneill is a Los Angeles based artist and curator, originally from London, UK. He was the Founder and former Director of the artists initiative space Raid Projects and Director of the Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica from 2005-2008. Currently he is Head Curator for Torrance Art Museum as well as Director of ARTRA Curatorial, an independent curatorial projects management team. He has extensive experience internationally as a curator having organized exhibitions for museums, institutions and galleries in the US and UK, Australia, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Turkey and more. Max is known as an international talent spotter and an authority on emerging art in Los Angeles. He is also part of the international movement of curators concerned with overseeing museums becoming more artist-centric. As an artist Max has shown throughout the world including Amsterdam, Istanbul, London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo and is represented by Durden & Ray, Los Angeles, and the Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills.

Simon Rumley founded the auspicious New London Kicks in 2005. An annual exhibition sponsored by The Armory Show, New London Kicks promoted British contemporary and emerging artists in New York in collaboration with Soho House NY and Wooster Projects. As well as showing breaking talent such as Tessa Farmer, Gordon Cheung and Stella Vine, Rumley was first to exhibit Katy Moran’s work in New York before she was signed by Stuart Shave/Modern Art and Andrea Rosen. More recently Simon has co-founded The Future Can Wait and co-curated shows globally. Simon has also produced, written and directed six feature films including Strong Language, The Truth Game and Club Le Monde & The Living and The Dead. His most recent film, Red White & Blue, is released in the USA by IFC films and will be coming out theatrically in the UK via Trinity X in September.

Flutter, oil on primed paper, A3, 2011

Headland Preview

Gallery view

Headland: Woman in a Landscape

A modern reinterpretation of the ancient Three Graces myth is the subject of the upcoming exhibition by artist Francesca Lowe at Riflemaker, from 23 May 2011.

Headland: Woman in a Landscape consists of five large-scale heads, five symbol-laden tree paintings, and a group of ‘tree-cuts’ which invite the viewer to indulge in a game of symbolic decoding, to reveal a woman’s journey through the complex landscape of today.

In mythology the Three Graces are goddesses of unearthly attraction, beauty, and charm; men wanted them and women wanted to be them.  Throughout art history women have been painted from the male perspective and are usually depicted as being aware of the male spectator.  Lowe’s Graces flout this tradition.   The viewer is surrounded by the dramatic, large-scale canvases, executed in Lowe’s distinctive pastel with fresco-like washes.  This is an arena of intimidation, spectatorship and judgment, the domain of a coven-like ménage of five women.

Each figurehead’s thoughts are literally worn as lavish head garments or accessories, posing the question – what would happen if our thoughts were visible?  Aircraft, ammunition, and other war imagery are entwined in their headgear, a reference to the masculine power symbols that have been absorbed into female identity.  Turbines, propellers and water-wheels recur in the imagery, alluding to the driving cycle of life.

The bold compositional dynamics of the Graces work in contrast to the slow burn of the artist’s paintings, keeping the eye and mind in an almost constant state of flux.

Lowe’s Tree canvases – Grace, Abundance and Inertia – return to Lowe’s interest in the Tree of Life.  Grace spans the metaphorical paths that guide a woman’s life journey.  Each branch, named after a painting in the series, presents symbolic choices, their connotations and consequences.  The result is a map of images and symbols which flow from place to place.  Abundance with its cortex-like appearance, forms branches that hold positive and progressive thoughts, leading to a sense of well-being and security.  In contrast, Inertia mirrors the shape of the ominous Spade playing card, referencing the dysfunctional drives that can lead one to mental stagnation.

Upstairs at Riflemkaer are Lowe’s intricate Tree-Cuts.  Created by cutting into a complete, already-published book, the Cuts explore ideas of personal geography and self-improvement, by returning the paper to its original form.

Headland is curated by Virginia Damtsa

Showing: Monday 23 May – Saturday 2 July 2011
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 6pm
Riflemaker 79 Beak Street, London W1
Telephone: 020 7439 0000
Riflemaker is co-directed by Virginia Damtsa & Tot Taylor.